KWB Entertainment Inc. is the corporate name for the following DBA’s [Bridal Association Of America | Kern County Bridal Association | Good Time Entertainment | My Bakersfield Printer &  Promotional Products | Bakersfield Casino Rentals | Reverend Kyle Brown | Bakersfield Business Networking Group (BBNG) | Be Our Guest Wedding Invitations | One Bakersfield | Taylor Bed Sheets ]<p>

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NoBridal Association of AmericaKern County Bridal AssociationTehachapi Bridal AssociationBakersfield Business Networking Group Have you bought any of the following during this time?
NoPrinted products (Business Cards, Banner, etc)Website HostingSEO workBed SheetsConference Tickets - CruiseKaraoke contest or products Is their anything else we should know. Can you send us an Image of the statement showing the transaction. captcha